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Occupational Therapy Chart Logging Tools

O.T. Chart Logging Tool - Basic O.T. Chart Logging Tool - Advanced "Two Custom designed Record Keeping & Invoicing database products for Private Practice Occupational Therapists" for BC Residents. The Basic Version is ideal for OT's who deal with private and/or WCB clients. The Advanced Version is ideal for OT's who deal with ICBC clients.

Key Features

  • Require minimal customizations as these products were custom designed for occupational therapists (with the aid of occupational therapists).
  • Maintain client and funder information.
  • Keeps track of interventions.
  • Simplify the data entry process. 
  • Allow for the printing of invoices. 
  • Allow the recording of payments.
  • Allow the creation of multiple user accounts for data entry purposes.
  • Includes a printable user manual.
  • Saves hours of billing and invoicing time per month.
  • Demo account is available.

Additional Notes

  • Works with all browsers IE, FF, Google Chrome, and Safari.
  • Works on portable devices such as iPhone, iPad.
  • No installation required as these Tools are web-based.


  • Basic Version $499.00
  • Advanced Version $599.00

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Keane Heartfelt Words by Colin Keane

KeaneWorks Paperback BooksPaperback, 78 pages

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In this volume, you will find poems dealing with a range of issues from life to death, from sadness to love, and from dismay to inspiration.

Most of my poetry is catered around friendship and everlasting love. Some are playful and funny while others are dismal and depressing.

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  • An eBook (PDF) version is available for $9.99.
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O.T. Chart Logging Tool: Testimonials

Boniface Consulting Occupational Therapy Services.
"Our small occupational therapy company was looking for a solution to time-consuming administration involved with keeping track of timesheets and invoicing our third party payers. We found the database solutions easy to use and they saved us at least 3 hours a month of administration time. They are very helpful and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend this product and KEANE Computing Solutions to our colleagues."

Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy, Inc.
"The "OT Chart Logging Tool" is an incredibly efficient and effective way of not only documenting interventions, but also makes invoicing a breeze! I had no idea how many lost billings I had due to I couldn't be bothered recording them. Since I've acquired the "OT Chart Logging Tool", I've reclaimed the cost of the program in lost billings, in the first month of use! They were extremely helpful and patient with set-up, and tailored it to meet my specific needs."