Client Testimonials

Below are what some of our clients have said about us!

I have worked with KEANE Computing Solutions on several database and website projects. I found them to be conscientious about budgets, timeframes and the quality of their work. They carefully analyzed the problems I had and produced working solutions. They ensured clear communication to ensure the projects were developed to my specifications.

I have worked with KEANE Computing Solutions on many occassions and I have been very pleased and impressed with their workable database tools they developed. They are extremely thorough and willing to work through changes to create a package that has saved significant time, reduced the potential for errors and organized information well.

Our small occupational therapy company was looking for a solution to time-consuming administration involved with keeping track of timesheets and invoicing our third party payers. We found the database solutions easy to use and they saved us at least 3 hours a month of administration time. They are very helpful and easy to work with. We would definitely recommend this product and KEANE Computing Solutions to our colleagues.

Our website was in bad need of a fix and Wow did 'Keane Computing Solutions' not only fix it for me but they created a whole new site. They exceeded my expectations and were thoughtful, willing and creative and did not rush me while trying to work our way through all the changes. They also offered remote support services and helped in other areas. It has been a real pleasure working with them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. 

It is my privilege to express my sincere acknowledgement of not only their absolutely outstanding work which I share with my team at Mega Assistance, but also their exceptional skills and determination applied to the on-time delivery of a perfect and brillant job of exceptional quality as promised. They have made their mark at Mega Assistance.

I have had the privilege to teach Colin (owner of Keane Computing Solutions), a number of courses in web design, marketing and search engine optimization. Colin graduated from every course at the top of the class. He's an over-achiever; never satisfied until the job has been done to perfection. He works harder than any other student I've ever taught in my 5 years instructing. Colin likes a challenge so he's forever looking at ways to expand his knowledge and improve his skills. I believe this is his greatest quality. He shows great promise in all he endeavours to do.

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